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*~* Tooth Fairy Ideas *~*

10 Tooth Fairy Traditions and Ideas

– Tuesday {ten}

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This weeks Tuesday {ten} [a day late] is a bit off the decor track and is full of Tooth Fairy ideas – as we recently discovered my little guy has two loose front teeth. We have never had an official Tooth Fairy assigned to our house, since these will be the first baby teeth to go, so I have been peeking around the web collecting some ideas and inspiration I can forward along to
our future fairy.

I would love to hear any traditions your tooth fairy has {or had if your kiddies are grown} – especially if you have any ideas for special needs children who don’t quite yet comprehend what is actually going on. For us, we tend to go big and a bit over the top for events such as these so our little guy possibly gets a better idea of what is happening. Plus it makes the experience a little more fun and a lot less traumatic as seen though his eyes. 

{Tooth Fairy Traditions & Ideas}

{one} The Official Tooth Fairy Kit is a package that can be purchased from the Office of the Tooth Fairysite. The Kit contains a Certificate of Record for filing with your local Tooth Fairy and a reusable cloth deposit bag for the first tooth and all subsequent transactions. The official certificate keeps record of name, age, tooth lost, and method of extraction.

{two} Here is another kit found on Etsy from Paper and Twine. I really like the added Fairy Dust and the Tooth Fairy Business Cards to place under the pillow.

{three} Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tooth Fairy Pillow with Record Chart from Loop Loft

Molar Shaped Tooth Fairy Pillow knitted from soft baby alpaca available from Oeufs {eoc-friendly and hypoallergenic}

or if you are inclined to make your own here is a similar free pattern and directions from Embroidery Library Projects

Designer Samarra Khaja created this fabulous fabric pattern available on Spoonflower for Toothy the Tooth Fairy Plushie. The pre-printed fabric can be purchased, cut out and sewn together and it can even be personalized it as well. {got to love the backpack full of dental supplies}

{four} Tooth Fairy Pouches

Colorful Felt Tooth Fairy Bags
Full diy directions can be found on The Purl Bee

Felt Tooth Fairy Pockets
Full diy directions can be found on Heartmade

{five} Tooth Fairy Boxes

Wooden Tooth Fairy Box available from Wunderkind

Matchbox Tooth Fairy Box
Full diy directions can be found on Disney Family Fun

Soft Felt Tooth Fairy Box
Full diy directions can be found on American Felt and Craft

{six} If you have a light sleeper {or simply do not need another stuffed item in you little ones room} how about a Tooth Fairy Dish.

Source: The Brick Kiln

Source: Sunshine Ceramics

{seven} Turn Miniature dollhouse parts into Magical Tooth Fairy Doors- this a brilliant idea and I love the ‘real life’ intricate details of some of these. {and the whimsical ones are adorable too!}

Source: Jaimee Rose

Source: 2 Little Bunnies

Source: TaDaa Studio

Source: Nest of Posies

and the tiny key hanging on this door adds the cutest finishing touch.
Source: She’s Making Cards

{eight} Tooth Fairy Dust so the little ones can visually see the tooth fairy has made a special visit. The tooth fairy usually leaves her dust behind on the window sill or door way, foot of the bed and of course under the pillow.

Fairy Dust from HearthSong

This Tooth Fairy Dust is more like confetti and it glows in the dark – from Confetti Kids Boutique available at Kiddlins

Lisa’s Tooth Fairy carries magical coins along with her fairy dust and shares some other great Tooth Fairy tips over at Moore Minutes

{nine} Tooth Fairy exchange treasures.

Tooth Shaped Glitter imprinted Money from The Southern Institute {with the help of a little glue}

Glitter Sprayed Tooth Fairy Money from Ten Kids and a Dog

Origami Money Ring from Crafty Tammie’s Sew Full of Love

{ten} Tooth Fairy Letters

Free Printable Letters from Tooth Fairy Letters

Tiny Tooth Fairy Thank You available from Luxely

World’s Smallest Post Office Service available from Leafcutter Designs

You can even make your own miniature envelopes with this simple McGill Mini Envelope Punch

Feel free to share your ideas below ~ Enjoy.