IV Sedation – In-Office General Anesthesia
We are dedicated to providing care in the best way possible for each individual child. We may recommend that your child be treated via IV sedation. Dr. Viola Devany, our Board Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist, comes to the office and uses IV Sedation to allow us to do dental work on children who are too young or too frightened for routine care in the office setting. Dr. Devany is Board Certified in both pediatrics and anesthesiology. Dr. Devany will provide anesthesia services for your child while Dr. Katie performs the dental procedures in a safe and controlled setting. This service is done here at our office.


General Anesthesia at CCHMC
We may recommend that your child be treated under general anesthesia at Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati. This allows us the advantage of providing your child the highest quality of dental care in a comfortable atmosphere. We are able render care in the operating room at CCHMC if your child has extensive treatment or situational anxiety. Care is also provided in the operating room for our patients who are medically compromised when we are not able to provide care safely in the office.